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Using my professional travel planning services will ensure that you have a memorable holiday. I will do the research and shopping for you, find you the best value based on your travel needs, provide you with personal (and professional) recommendations on the things to do and places to see that would enhance your trip. 


Initial Consultation

Let's have a conversation--at no charge, to start thinking about your perfect vacation. I will listen to what you have in mind and discuss your travel style and needs.

Research & Planning

After the discusson the next step is to provide you with an outline of your desired trip which be forwarded by email with an invoice. After the planning fee has been processed, I will research and forward the most suitable options to meet your travel needs as per our dicussion and provide you with a quote.


Once the quote has been reviewed and decided on what elements you would like to book, I will begin the confirmation process. You will be advised of the payment schedule (deposits, final payments, etc.) as well as cancellation policy.  Final documentation will be provided virtually or in paper form--your preference.

Bon Voyage!

I will be here to support you while in destination should you need to reach out and of course when you return, I will follow up to hear all about your experience.

Discovery Fee

Maybe you are new to travel and not sure where to go or where to start? Or maybe you know where you want to travel to but not sure when is the best time to visit? The options can be overwhelming when searching online, or maybe you just want to pick a travel advisor’s brain for ideas? This session will be about getting to know your travel wishes, asking questions about what type of travel you are interested in, and help you decide whether or not you need the assistance of a travel advisor. The discovery fee can be used to gather information and ideas and then do the research and planning on your own or if you wish to work with me, we can move ahead with creating your custom itinerary for your vacation. The planning and support fee will be determined at this point.


$50 + GST (1 hour)

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Concierge Services

Concierge services are offered to travelers that already have their cruise and/or land package booked, but are looking for assistance with booking their pre- and post- hotels, shore excursions, guided tours & activities, transportation, entertainment, dinner reservations, assistance with flights, etc. I am happy to schedule a call to discuss your specific travel requirements; I will then provide recommendations and booking services using our contacts and suppliers.

Typically, three recommendations per service are offered. Once the services are confirmed and payment has been processed, I will provide all vouchers and a detailed itinerary as needed (paper or virtually).

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Planning &
Support Fee

Researching travel options online are endless and can be time-consuming. With 26 plus years of expertise and knowledge, I can help you weigh through the options and finalize an awesome itinerary based on your specific travel needs. As a professional travel advisor, I will provide expert insight, save you time and money, and deliver a vacation tailor-made to your needs. So are you ready to start planning? In order to move forward with my services, it's time to process the plan-to-go fee.

- The fee is required on all customized itineraries and small group planning.

- This fee is non-refundable and is considered a service fee for planning your trip.

- This fee entitles you to three quotes and is valid for 21 days.

  • All-Inclusive Package: $150 Planning Fee

  • Custom Itinerary: $200 Planning Fee        (4 hours of planning)

  • Luxury/Virtuoso: $200 Planning Fee         (4 hours of planning)

  • Cruise-Only:  $200 Planning Fee            (per stateroom)

  • $400: Ideal for groups of 8 and more for a detailed and customized itinerary.

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Flight Only Fees

  • Domestic and Transborder: $40

  • International: $75

  • Voluntary changes:  $75

  • Voluntary cancellations: $50

  • Loyalty Points usage: $100

Please note:

  • fee includes the research, booking, and management

  • all rates are per person, per ticket

  • all fees are subject to additional GST


Please note that ticketing fees apply to new and existing clients. As well, ticketing fees may be waived, dependent on the type of travel package booked (TBD)

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