Maureen McCaughan, CTC

Hello there!

My name is Maureen McCaughan, a Certified Travel Consultant with over 25 years experience in the travel industry.  So far I have visited 55 countries (some more than once) and 6 continents which has enabled me to create a portfolio of varied destinations and itineraries for existing and new clients. If there's one thing that I've discovered about travel over the years, is that your adventure is not based only on the destination--but the experiences and people you meet along the way. So I invite you to try a new destination, a new culture and to step out of your comfort zone (maybe just a bit)--you won't be sorry you did. Through my extensive travels I have become an expert in adventure and river cruising and am a leading expert in the planning of extraordinary experiences for clients. I’m so thrilled to be doing what I love for a living but especially love assisting clients plan their dream vacations. When you are ready, give me a call and I'll guide you through your travel journey--wherever it may be.

​We recently created a travel club as we saw a need for women who want to travel the world but do not have anyone to travel with, do not want to travel solo or just wants to travel within the safety of a small group. Our curated experiences are designed by women, with women in mind. Be sure to visit our website for upcoming departures. We are planning for 2022 and beyond and can’t wait until we can travel safely once again.


Still on my bucket list:  Greenland, Mongolia, Tibet & Nepal

Why I travel:

I love to travel because I love to learn about new places--the world is an incredible place and is meant to be seen. For me, that is the adventure!


Most recent trip:

Hiking the Camino de Santiago Trail (Portugal and Spain) 

Next up:

Christmas Market River Cruise (November 2021) and Egypt, Jordan and Israel 

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