What is responsible travel? 

Responsible travel (aka responsible tourism) is simply this: Being socially and culturally aware when you travel (i.e. use more common sense people!), understanding your effect on the places you visit and trying to make that affect a positive one. That's it! Not complicated, right?  - Huffpost Life

How to Be a More Responsible Traveler?

 The possibilities are as endless as the number of places to visit in the world. But if you're ready to be a more responsible traveler then this list is meant to get you started.

  • Before you take a photo or selfie, take a minute to enjoy and appreciate the view.

  • Talk to locals, learn at least a small amount of their language. There are so many amazing people you will meet along the way.

  • Spend a few extra minutes finding a hotel that gives back or has a sustainability program, there are a lot more than you might think.

  • Respect the people, culture and environment of the places you visit.