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Travel solo, but not alone!

Why a travel club? 


We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and would often hear comments like “Where are you going next?” and “I sure wish I could go with you or had someone to travel with!” So with that in mind, Destination Travel Club was created for women who are interested in traveling but do not necessarily know how to go about it, are new to the travel experience, or don’t have anyone to travel with—perhaps they are single, divorced, widowed, or married and living with a spouse who is not interested in traveling. The idea is to bring like-minded women together to build new connections with other women through awesome travel experiences. As well, there are additional benefits with traveling in a small group--such as safety in numbers, cultural immersion, travel with like-minded women, and unique experiences--just plain fun because women travel differently than men--just saying!

Where Memories And Friendships Are Made!

Our Mission is to inspire and connect with female travelers of all ages and stages in life, who just want to get out there and explore the world and have fun!
We hope to take you on an adventure—whether it’s to a new destination, learn a new skill, or immersing yourself in the local culture…but most importantly,
making lifetime friendships developed through the love of travel. Traveling solo? We can match you up!

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